Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sorry About That

Ok, I have been neglecting the Blog but here is an update:

(Dermott) CHRISTMAS!!! So excited, will be pawsome! I know mummy has got me some crazy prezzies! Just had our agility christmas party, I was a lil' bit naughty but come on it's Christmas! There was a big line of jumps at the end of a course and I ran around the middle one /^o^\ My mum sent me into the tunnel but I forgot what the tunnel was after a year or so of training..... :o) She laughed, good mummy,

I also got to enjoy the iced cookies and muffins my mummy baked for the class's dogs for christmas. Special Dermott's Dishes recipe ;oP, and met Mac, the aussie looking BC that is in the other class. I got a friend in him!

(Mummy) Yes, Dermott was naughty in his class but the class before he was doing great, his weaves were two stepped and his 2o2o was great, I need to steady him on his Up Contact though. :P

SNOW! Dermott and I love it, love it. It gets me sooooo excited and gets Dermott crazy. He turned white! Hehe, when chasing his ball he would slide and create a white hurricane, losing his ball a couple of times and getting real distressed but digging it up eventually. Doing a ton of tricks for it when we found it though! Trying to walk on the frozen pond with mummy shouting at him (I dont want my baby with a cold!) Will post a video of Dermott sat in the snow with his fave ball:


Looking at Silvia Trkman's website again has inspired me to do more back and front paw tricks with Dermy, and it always makes me smile thinking how I don't really train Dermott, we just kinda do stuff while having fun :)

See you later, Ella and Dermott. x