Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow - Yes More!!

There has been more snow!

And Derm being Derm loves it. :-)




Thats all he has to say really :-P

Ella and Dermott x
P.S we have loads more photos but they took forever to upload!


  1. Hi Ella, Dermott is the cutest dog ever!!! I love your pictures of him. You asked on my blog about getting him to tug with the tug and treat thing and said he was licking it, LOL, silly guy! I always try to move the toy AWAY and snake it along the ground, and make my silly voice, like get it...get it...you know just act silly and playful. You also might try putting a different treat in there, so I started out with my dog using liverworst so it would ooze out of the holes, but you might put something soft that your dog has to bite down on a little more??? I also have tied toys like that to like a horse whip type thing so that I can drag it on the ground and run, it always seems to help to make sure you are pulling the toy away from your dog not shoving it at them. Anyway, not sure how helpful that is, but hope there is something that might help????? Give Derm a big hug, what a sweet dog!!!!

  2. Hi Ella and Dermot, what clever dog and owner you are. I dont do much agility, I think I am too big.

    From Ben


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