Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A few from Dermott's repertoire!

'STRETCH' (would have been 'Bow' but he thought I was saying 'Down')

'Weave' (through legs)

'Give Paw' (he is actually waving but we keep it as the same command, whether he is giving paw to my foot, hand or nothing)

'Down' and 'Cross' (he also does cross during a 'Stretch' aswell)

And of course 'Over'. Whatever it is, bench or hedge, he's jumping it! There is a fence around a part of Withdean Park near where we live in Brighton, and he just jumps over it and gives me the look of 'Well if I can jump over it, i'm obviously not ment to stay inside it!!

Just thought as a little taster, we would show you a few from Dermott's over thirty list of tricks! (Not to brag....) He is such a bright boy!

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