Monday, 31 August 2009

Thought I would let you kno whow Dermott and me got on at our second ever Agility Show.

When we arrived after we got lost, Dermott got to have a job about in the excersise pen, which was a small field with a splash pool which of course Dermott had to lie down in.

We walked the Jumping course, and we got in the queue in some of the first dogs, I think Dermott was about 5th in the queue. I have found that Dermott's first run is often his best, as he gets very worked up and focused on me, I think I now know that I am going to have to do my best to get him worked up before his other runs too. Dermott did great, he was flying over those jumps and sprinting, he popped out of the weaves, (arghh! We had done so much practice!) but I think he was a little over excited, but he still got the entrance, I can't wait for him to do twelve poles. He has only done a maximum of eight, as we only have six at home, the club only uses eight, and the starter agility classes in competitions only have six, usually, but our new club uses twelve, which is great because Dermott won't swim or two-step his weaves, but he gets faster as he goes, so I have high hopes!

The Judge also said he had a cracking stride!

The agility was good but not as good, and he ran out of the ring in the Steeplechase, but that was my fault, I was in the wrong place, not looking at where I was going, he got distracted, but he came back and we completed the rest of the course clean!

So Proud.

Our car broke down because my dad had run the battery out, and the AA came! Hahaha,

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