Monday, 17 August 2009

Take the Plunge

Ok, so we took the plunge. We went to the Malthouse Dog Agility Club in Pyecombe. Oooooh!

Firstly we got lost going there and there was a little swearing from my mother but obviously, we arrived. Scary. Prior, on the phone I talked to a VERY intimidating old women (don't tell her I called her that) who said there were three gates to enter, and you had to see which one was open on the day. We took the wrong one and got shouted at down the phone from an old lady but we got there. After saying hi, I offered to take the jumps and cups and set up. I did it. People arrived. Scary but everyone was unbelievably nice. We walked the course. I got my dog, at which point my mum asked me if I wanted to leave because she also found this lady very scary. I said I would stay.

Dermott, in the first course ran back alot at which point they shut the door to the centre so he couldn't escape! But it was messy and was his first time so I think I will leave it.

Second course he was better.

Third and fourth course we ran in pairs and I went with a lovely lady with a cream merle slightly over weight collie. We ran at Medium even though he is large. We had the rules of, time limit 2 minutes. The course must be ran twice and attempted by both dogs, if the dog (YOU!) made any mistake Carol (scary old women) would shout 'sausages' and the dog would have to go back to the start and the other pair would have to run to where they stopped and run the rest of the course. 'Sausages' was called as I said Dermott would freak out if the whistle was blown. It was my first time and I was already changing the course!! Maisey didn't make a mistake so we took off once she was finished, he ran all the course clear, ran off at the same point in both courses, but came back, we went clear and overall won. YES! Thats my boy. 1.23 minutes.

I have a thing about Dermott's speed but boy was he running fast! I had to tell him to slow down!!!

We are so going again.

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